The Pharmacy of
the Digital Age

Today’s world is online. Shopping carts are virtual, food arrives at your doorstep, even furniture stores have an add-to-cart option. It seems almost impractical that at a time when people have been medically advised to stay home and rest, they have no choice but to leave the house to fill a prescription. That’s where RxNow comes in. We work closely with your healthcare provider to offer a seamless prescription fulfillment experience.

Current Pharmacy Experience


1. Exposure

  • Patients need to visit the pharmacy, exposing themselves and everyone else to potentially contagious viruses
waiting in line

2. Waiting in Line

  • Patients waste time waiting in queues to fill their prescription
  • Medical insurance approval takes time to come through
out of stock

3. No Stock

  • Medicines prescribed are often not in stock resulting in unfilled or half-filled prescriptions
  • Patients need to visit another pharmacy to find the prescribed medicine
communication gap

4. Communication Gap

  • Doctors and clinics do not know what is currently in stock at the pharmacies
  • Insurance companies don’t have first-hand information of prescribed medicines that are not covered, unavailable or not purchased because of high costs
zero exposure
Zero Exposure
  • Gone is the need for an ill patient to leave the house.
  • All they need to do is send in their prescription. RxNow brings the medicines to them
same day
Same day, every time
  • Patients no longer need to wait after seeing the doctor
  • RxNow takes care of all insurance approvals
  • Prescriptions are delivered to patient’s doorstep
open communication
Open Communication
  • Doctors and clinics can check what’s in stock before writing the prescription
  • Insurance companies only need to work with RxNow rather than multiple pharmacies – quickening the approval process
highly skilled team
Highly Skilled Team
  • RxNow has a top-of-class team from eight different nationalities to support Emirati and expat patient from across the world

RxNow uses proprietary in-house technology – RxNow Central – to keep business running smoothly.

The communication is seamless, the process is efficient. We get insurance approvals, package the medicines and products hygienically and send the filled prescription to the customer within 2 hours.